Starlight Movies In Development

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Sadie Taile is a belly dancer and the girlfriend of the leader of a street gang. But she wants better things and tries to get into the club Desert Jewels to meet the Mob Boss. Stolen car rings bring danger to the operation, and jealousy and rivalry add to the tension as everyone tries to make money or get in tight with the mob at the hottest spot in town.

A loyal mobster tries to provide his boss with an alibi at a trial but gets sent to prison on a perjury charge. Then, his own mob declares him to be a rat! Our anti-hero finds himself on the run from his old "friends" and has to turn to the one man who would help him: a childhood friend who became a state trooper. Life gets complicated when our guy becomes a driver for an escort service; then, strange enough, somebody starts attacking mob operations and clients.

Kitty Landrau survived the terror of Project Solitude and is working in Beverly Hills as the attendant in a private zoo of two rich sisters. When the sisters decide to make a movie, Kitty tells them about her horrific experiences as a possible plot. Things are fine until they start to shoot, and a disfigured man appears who says he is the brother of the friend who orchestrated the human project that nearly cost Kitty her life. Will the same terrors be unleashed when they film "Murder on the Set?"

Three working-class girls are trying to make it through college during the next great depression. But tuition is high, loans have dried up, and they have to get the tuition money by using their physical charms. The problem is that they are going against the morals and behavior codes of the university that they have to pay. How will they get through with their own teachers who are ready to expel them?

Kitty Landrau managed to survive her second encounter with the horrific Project Solitude experiment, but she can't escape her association with it. Now famous as the girl who beat the Solitude terror, she has a job as the on-stage victim of the death metal band Black Plague. And who is the manager? None other than the presumed brother of the creator of the deadly project and "advisor" in the story of "Murder on the Set." Eventually, separated from friends and family Kitty ends up in the clutches of the Isolator. And the monster has chosen the ultimate fate for poor Kitty…she will kill herself by his command! See if the poor girl has finally run out of luck when she meets the Isolator.

The quaint and almost forgotten Baltic kingdom of Lovia is starving as its medieval economy collapses. The mighty King and his gorgeous daughter are universally loved and must be the strength and hope of their nation. Princess Regina wants to start a tourist industry, and she must become a celebrity in America. But to do that, she has to put herself in the hands of Finance Minister Count LeGoulle. Regina does not trust him, but she cannot explain why, not even to the King. The Count will become King if she and her father die. Or, Lovia could attract investment if it is stabilized by a marriage of the Count and the Princess marry. Regina and the Count have tough choices to make, and whatever they do can result in the Princess' eternal sorrow…or worse.

American Apocalypse Political correctness runs amok as the President of the United States panders to lobbyists and special interest groups ("factions" as James Madison called them in "The Federalist Papers) and ignores the warnings of intelligence and military men about a radicalized Islamic sect with designs on the country. Even their own trusted street informants cannot break through, and the US government falls to a small and seemingly inconsequential band of murderers who have studied, trained, and prepared for this moment. The USA finds out that idealistic visions have no chance without clarity, strength, and purpose. Let's hope they don't find it out too late.