A Unique Film Production Company

Paul Haggis

Academy Award winning producer and writer/director

first ever producer of two Academy Award winning movies in a row, “Million Dollar Baby” 2004 and “Crash” 2005

message to Starlight Productions manager Tom Hillery for production of “Looks Can Kill !”

Mira Sorvino

Academy Award winning actress

Golden Globe winning actress

Harvard University Bachelor of Arts Magnua Cum Laude

Message to Starlight Productions Manager Tom Hillery on

Admission to the Producers’ Guild of America

Starlight Productions Nevada, LLC

Starlight Productions Nevada, LLC, is a company devoted to the production of movies and videos for a wide range of viewers and purposes.

Starlight can provide information and counseling to prospective film makers and businessmen about getting involved in the movie business as sponsors, producers, actors, you name it.

Don’t hesitate. They are waiting for you on the red carpet!