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Black Warrant

A semi-retired special ops assassin and a DEA agent cross paths on separate missions to stop a cyber terrorist organization threatening to attack the power grid and bring catastrophe to the world. (description courtesy imdb)

Director Tibor Takacs

Stars Tom Berenge

(Photo courtesy imdb)

Golden Globe® winner 1987 “Platoon”

Prime Time Emmy® Winner 2012 "Hatfields and McCoys”

Prime Time Emmy® Winner 1982 “Cheers”

Cam Gigandet

Actor known for “Twighlight” and “Burlesque”

Starlight Productions
Starlight Productions

Hollywood Detective

Show business: it’s all about the fame, the glamour and the non-stop parties! Until it isn’t. Join Kent Harding, “the Hollywood Detective” as he delves into the seething underbelly of the industry we call Hollywood. Harding is an ex-cop all too familiar with the trickery, deception and outright insanity that reigns in this world of make believe. Go with Harding when he helps a cheated writer, battles sleazy groupies and a fascist director and ultimately uncovers a macabre publicity stunt that may can end in the horrific death of the most beautiful actress in film.

Story by Tom Hillery, script by Tom Hillery and Neva Friedenn, the writer of the original “Toolbox Murders” one of the highest return on investment films of all time.

Looks Can Kill!

The glamorous world of movies and models takes a twisted turn into the dark corners of the human psyche. Beautiful and talented Rhonda Bettinthal never got the breaks she deserved because she insisted on maintaining her dignity in a world of cut throat competition. So when Rhonda inherits some money she sets out to open a modeling agency where her girls are treated with the respect they deserve. But Rhonda’s compassion also leads her to hire a voyeur photographer and an on the make embezzler to run the office! What could possibly go wrong? You’ll find out that “Looks Can Kill!”

Starlight Productions
Starlight Productions

Honey Trap

“Honey Trap” is a Russian espionage action thriller, with Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member James Fargo (Clint Eastwood films “The Enforcer” and “Every Which Way But Loose”) signed on to direct. The story revolved around the beautiful Innocenka Dunova (her name means “Innocence”) who has decided to use her considerable charms to steal an anti-piracy software program from the Americans at the Technicians and Artists Conference in Las Vegas. But in this sexually charged environment of high stakes corporate espionage, who is deceiving whom?

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Dark Offerings

A weekend of fun in Las Vegas turns into a fight for survival against any adversary worthy of your worst nightmares.

A young couple is lured deep into a desolate off-limits section of the Nevada desert with promises of seeing what few humans have ever seen before – live aliens!  But the shady loaner that takes on the roll of tour guide has other ideas.  When the couple never returns a group of friends set determined to find them and discover the mystery of their disappearance.  What they find is more than they ever dreamed of.   

Written by Robert Lomassaro, and Produced by DreamStar Creative and Starlight Productions.

Film is currently in pre-production and will be filmed entirely in Las Vegas using local talent.

Starlight Productions