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Starlight Productions is proud to be a partner with ITN Distribution ITN Distribution – Independent Film Distribution Company ( in the production two films with Academy Award ® nominee Mickey Rourke, (“The Wrestler” “Sin City” “Iron Man 2”) The first film was “The Legion,” a Roman Empire period drama  produced in Spain and Los Angeles. The Legion (2020) - IMDb  Starlight and ITN followed up with a second movie with Mickey Rourke in post production called “Commando.” The Commando (2021) - IMDb  Starlight and ITN did ”Legacy” a taut action thriller starring British action star Luke Goss Legacy (2020) - IMDb . The companies also worked on the supernatural thriller “Ouija House” with three accomplished actresses, Mischa Barton (“Sixth Sense” and “Notting Hill”,) Tara Reid (“Sharknado" “Big Lebowski,) and Dee Wallace ("E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.") Ouija House (2018) - IMDb. Another collaboration of the two companies is “Seized” a taut action thriller filmed in Mexico and starring British action star Scott Adkins (Expendables 2”  “Doctor Strange.”) and Mario Van Peebles (“Heartbreak Ridge” “Jaws: The Revenge.”) Seized (2020) - IMDb

Starlight has also teamed up with Mahal Empire Productions for “Attack of the Unknown” featuring Richard Grieco (“A Night at the Roxbury” and “22 Jump Street”) Attack of the Unknown (2020) - IMDb