Starlight Productions

Cleopatra 1917

Reward Offered for Discovery of "Cleopatra" 1917 film starring Theda Bara

Story of the movie "Cleopatra" 1917 version staring Theda Bara

 One hundred years ago, the Fox Film Studios produced the second film version of “Cleopatra,” which starred Theda Bara as Cleopatra with Fritz Lieber as Caesar and Thurston Hall as Antony. This is not the blockbuster starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton from 1963. Cleopatra was the elaborate spectacle of the year in 1917. As of December 2017, there are no known copies of the film extant. Today, “Cleopatra” of 1917 is on the imdb poll “Which Lost Film Would You Most Like to See Discovered?”

The Reward and Instructions

Starlight Productions, a Nevada based corporation, is offering a reward of ten thousand dollars to anyone who can find and deliver a complete, intact copy of the film “Cleopatra.” We are talking about the second film version of “Cleopatra” which was done in 1917 and which featured the original Hollywood “vamp,” Theda Bara.

“Cleopatra” was the big hit of 1917, so we are celebrating the centennial by making this offer. Unfortunately, there was a fire in the Fox studio archives and all known copies of the film were destroyed.

“Cleopatra” would have been sent all over the country to theaters large and small for exhibition. “Cleopatra” may also have been sent to military installations and camps since this was during American involvement in World War I. There is a chance that one of those copies was not returned and is sitting in a closet, waiting to be discovered.

The movie should be in a disk shaped tin cannister and say “Cleopatra,” “Theda Bara,” “Fox Studios” or have some such identifying label or writing on it.

If you discover what appears to be the film DO NOT OPEN IT! You could easily destroy the fragile contents by exposure to light, heat and moisture. Keep the film in a cool, dry place. Contact Starlight by writing

or texting the company. We will make arrangements with you to have “Cleopatra” delivered to a qualified company with climate controlled facilities and experts in film preservation to save the film.

The reward will be given upon written affirmation by independent experts that the film delivered is a complete and authentic version of the movie after it has been successfully duplicated for preservation. We would ask a company at the technical level of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to do this.

There will only be ONE award given. In the event that more than one copy of the film is discovered, the award will be given only to the first person who delivers a print determined to be complete, authentic and reproducible. No award will be given for an incomplete print.

This offer is good until April 1, 2022